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Watermead Model Boat Club, located on the north side of Aylesbury, was formed in 1994 initially for the sailing of scale boats with yacht racing following soon after. Some of the early members are still with the Club and sail regularly. Over the years many MYA regional and national one-day and two-day events have been hosted, these being postponed during the years affected by the Covid 19 restrictions. The Club is pleased that these have now restarted for 2023.

The Lake is man made and privately owned, constructed as a prerequisite to the building of the Watermead housing development in the 1980's to act as part of a flood relief scheme. It is connected to a minor tributary of the River Thames and its level varies considerably between summer and winter. The water table in the Vale of Aylesbury is higher than the average in England and the Lake was constructed to allow for a rise in the water level.

In 2017 the Rivieria Restaurant adjacent to the Lake was demolished to make way for Aylesbury Vale Crematorium to be built. There was no access to the car park for much of the period of the build. The Crematorium was opened in 2019 and the Club now enjoys a much improved car park raised to prevent it being flooded in the winter. The car park is free and has good access to the Lake.

The sailing session is held on a Sunday morning between 9.30am and 1.0pm. In the summer months a session is held on Wednesday evenings between 6.0pm and dusk, this is to allow the scale models to show off their lights.

There is a good mix of interest between sailing yachts and sailing scale boats. Guests are always welcome on a Sunday morning and can sail for a few weeks (under the Club's Public Liability Insurance) before deciding to join the Club. For details of membership see the Membership page.

The Lake is home to a wide range of wildlife, the majority being swans, geese and ducks. These obviously have to be protected, bird 'poo' is a real hazard on the jetties. It is an objective to take photos of the wildlife and post these on the Wildlife page.

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