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Welcome to Watermead Model Boat Club, Yachts and Racing section.

We have developed a programme of events throughout the year that hopefully will appeal to everyone whether you wish to race or just sail a model yacht for fun, see the Calendar page.


Here is a breakdown of the designs we race on Saturdays and Sundays.

The smallest is the Micro Magic, which is a one design kit that is still available on-line. Hull length is only 500mm and are great fun to sail. You must keep an eye on them as they love to change direction when you are not watching.

The second yacht is the Dragon Force 65, which can be bought from good model shops and 'RC Yachts' on-line, who also provide spares. These are 650 mm long hull, one design kits which are easy to transport. It is a good beginner yacht as an introduction into the sport. We race these with a similar yacht RG65, usually twice a month on Sundays. We have three suits of sails for these which allow us to sail in most wind speeds.​

Our main racing yacht is the International One Metre (IOM), which is a world class yacht built to exact parameters for sail area, hull length 1000mm, mast height, total weight and weight of keel lead. This does however allow for many designs of hull that still fit the specification. These yachts are sailed by most clubs around the country and there are national and international competitions. We have three suits of sail which cover almost all wind conditions. They are a great yacht to race competitively and we race at least two Sunday mornings each month.​

The Marblehead is a model yacht that has been around since the 1950’s, it is also nationally raced. These like the IOM also have a set of parameters that they must fit but it does allow a fair amount of hull design freedom. The hull is 1400 mm long with a complete yacht weight over 6 kilos. We only have four of these in the club currently so have scheduled just six races throughout the year.​

The final yacht that we occasionally race is the scale model of the British Steel Round the World Challenge, called the Smaragd, made in kit form by 'Robbe Modellsport'. The kit allows you to personalise the finish to your own choice, be it as the real yachts or less fancy but still looking good. They look majestic on the water and lovely to sail. We race these for fun about six times a year, usually on Saturday afternoons.​

There are many designs of model yachts and we hold a free sail morning for any type of yacht to be sailed.

Our racing is semi-serious with training about the rules of the road and how to keep the yachts safe. We take results of the days races and these are published to help improve the performance of each skipper.


If you would like to come and join in the fun on a Sunday morning, and have a go, you would be most welcome.

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