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Welcome to Watermead Model Boat Club Scale section.

The Lake has a natural sheltered 'bay' area which is ideal for sailing model boats away from the course used for racing model yachts. There is a large sloped concrete pad leading into the water ideal for the safe launching of the larger models. Access to the water is very good with car parking close alongside the lake allowing level access for disabled and wheelchair users. 

Members regularly sail a wide variety of military boats as well as tugs, fishing boats, lifeboats, fire rescue boats, barges, cabin cruisers and others. Steam boats are welcome but may be subject to current steam testing regulations where relevant. 

In the past it was possible to see a steam powered boat on the water but unfortunately not at the moment. See the Calendar page for special ‘themed’ mornings.

Very fast boats and boats powered by i.c. engines are not allowed on the Lake because of the wildlife.

Club 500 racing is slowly gaining in popularity, see the separate page for more details on this.

Electronics are becoming a common part of the internal workings of models these days with lighting controls and smoke effect generators being readily available to purchase.  

Many different skills are present amongst our members who are always willing to have a chat and lend a hand. A few members have particular knowledge of the electrics and electronics, just asked around to find a member able to assist. 

Whilst ‘ready to run’ or ‘nearly ready to run’ models are available from model shops most members either build from scratch or purchase a kit. A kit makes a good over winter project as it can take 2 to 3 months to complete a reasonable size model. How ever you do need some where warm as glues and paints get very difficult to work with below 10oC. Ready-made second-hand models are often available through the Club and are often a good starting point for a beginner.  
For the radio control equipment, transmitters working at 2.4GHz have now become standard. A four to six channel unit would be ideal for most model boats as it gives the extra channels which can be used switch lights on and off etc. 

Anyone thinking they may be interested in the hobby are very welcome to join us on a Sunday morning. Please visit us to get to know more. 

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